She dances with her skirt inside an abundant wheat field.
Her skirt and the wheat are shaped in an S form; she conveys the feeling of becoming one with the wheatfield with the wind going through. It is a feeling like water moving in waves on land.
Her top picks up and plays the theme of the poppy flowers in her hair.
Her beltbuckle is a Celtic sun symbol:
Summer is the season of the brightest light.

"Sommer - Tanz".....
im Energie - Tanz von Erde und Sonne reifen die Träume des Winters
und die Samen des Frühlings heran.
Ihr Tanz mündet in Fülle.
Sie umhüllt uns mit dem Gewand ihrer Grosszügigkeit.

Bronze Sculpture:
High    27 inch, 70cm
Wide   14 inch, 35,5cm
Long   13 inch, 33cm
Base: yellow marble from Italy or
round green jade onyx
Weight: 81 pound, 44kg

Limited Edition
Copyright Protected

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