Autumn is stepping through a tree door,
the door has the shape of an egg, representing the seed,
which is planted in Autumn for the next season.
The tree door carries small branches with different leaves like on her dress and on the base.

The Autumn Wind dances within her hair, dress and with the leaves. The leaves are the symbol of every experience I - you have collected in Life.
To make many experiences in life and to treasure them,
 like Autumn in her basket makes me rich in giving.

The apple she is picking and collecting is the symbol of knowledge.
Didn't the kings and queens in their hands carry an apple,
the symbol of knowledge? !
Experience is increasing my- your knowledge and provides wealth, a resource for the young and our learning on Earth.
Autumn is the time of plenty.

Herbst durchschreitet das Tor der Fülle, in der Vielfalt von Blättern findet sich die Erfahrung unseres Lebens und Lernens, ein Reichtum, der sich durch Teilen vermehrt.

Bronze Sculpture:
High  35 inch, 90cm
Wide   13 inch, 33cm
Long     30 inch, 76cm
Base: 1.round green granite, 19 inch round
2.black oval granite: 27,5” long
Weight: 121 pound, 55 kg

Limited Edition
Copyright Protected

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