Spring Awakening

Spring: the season,
Spring: the fountain,
Spring: the mechanical tool,
Spring: the jump, energy,
Spring: the movement.

The spiral is shown as a spiral of apple flowers around the body
The spiral is also subliminally inspiring the movement of her body.
If you take parallel levels from head to toe, her body moves in resonance with the DNA spiral.
That means, that the sculpture itself is working as a double Helix.
This is the energy of Spring, explosions of energies, potentials, originating Life.
The bumble bee on her finger is a symbol of pollination of all flowers; without these beings we will not have fruit at all.
Her necklace are the fortune bringing swallows and on her dress we find snowbells: the messengers of the ever renewal of Spring.

"Frühlings - Erwachen": Die Wärme der Sonne erweckt die Blüten
und Blätter aus der Erde und dem Verborgenen der Äste.
Hummeln, Bienen und Wind befruchten die Blüten.
Bald erfreuen wir uns wieder an den Früchten.

Bronze Sculpture:
High  27 inch,  70cm
Wide   18 inch,  46cm
Long 14 inch, 36cm
Base: round green jade onyx
Weight: 84 pound, 38kg

Limited Edition
Copyright Protected

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